Window Blinds

Venetian Blinds


Venetian Blinds is also known as mini-blinds or aluminum horizontal blinds.  If you enjoy the practical and enjoy efficiency, then the venetian blind is going to be your ideal choice of window covering. When choosing a blind for example venetian blinds windows you should take several factors into account, such as the appearance, privacy, cost, light control, ease of use, and the ability to insulate.

Roller Blinds


Roller Blinds are best alternatives for curtains. They provide shade per required and come in various designs and styles. The materials used also differ from one another. Thus, they are much preferred in modern house interior as they can adapt easily with any home theme. Aside from that, they are very easy to install and used.

Combi Blinds


Combi-Blinds also known as Combi Double Shades. This product has a a beautiful alternating stripped fabric that can be adjusted to control the amount of light that enters your room. Combi blinds are a fairly new design system, very stylish and popular and perfect when dressing a kitchen window and often used throughout a more modern home.

Fabric Vertical Blinds


Fabric vertical blinds are available in a wide array of fabrics and colors to suit any decor. These blinds provide a warmth from the fabric not achievable from their PVC counterparts.

PVC Vertical Blinds


PVC vertical blinds are economical, come in great colors and styles, and are very easy to clean. You can find many different price ranges to fit your personal budget. They come in different colors, etching or prints, and lengths. A great tip is to bring in your fabric samples or even your sofa pillow to match the colors to your home.

Wood Blinds at White Plains Quezon City


Wood blinds are warm, natural and inviting, a classic combination that can make a room feel instantly more comfortable as well as more functional. Wood blinds do their job without looking utilitarian, and easily complement many different styles of furniture and a wide range of colors. This easy-going nature can help you to make differently styled rooms flow together more naturally and won’t restrict you in your future plans. Want a new couch next year, or a different color paint? Wood blinds will still look great, making your home more comfortable for a long, long time.

The Unbeatable Design and Uniqueness of Faux Wood Blinds


Our faux wood blinds collections are built to last period. These horizontal blinds use the highest quality of polymers to ensure a lifetime of satisfaction and quality. We offer smooth and textured finishes to help you accomplish your decorative needs. For consumers that find wood blinds our of their price range, faux wood blinds are perfect alternative and a great way to get the elegant look of wood blinds without breaking your budget.