Folding Doors

PVC Material

Looks like real wood but lighter with smoother operation. It comes with several colors, panel width, and customizable features.

Professional Installers

Our installers are well-trained and are expert when it comes to installation.

Free Measurement and Quotation

We provide free ocular measurement and quotation if you’re within Metro Manila. Our field agents can also give advise on your needs.


Ideal as for both residential and commercial use.

Our also known as accordion doors are made of light-weight material but looks like real wood. Since it’s lighter than real wood its operation is smoother.

It also comes with different colors, panel width, and customizable features. For example, our french type folding doors can have glass and louver panels combination.


Double-ply panels with Soft Hinges. Panel Sizes: 85 mm wide X 6 mm thick. For french type -152 mm wide X 12mm thick. Openings: One-way, Split, Opening 2-way. Available Height: 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′. Optional: Metal Lockset with Key.


Since our is made of it has smoother operation than real wood. It is also water-proof ideal for location near a water source.

Highly Customizable

Our folding doors are custom-made that’s guaranteed to fit your door. One type of i.e. the french type can be customized in such a way that some portions are glass and some are panels. There are different types of glass and panel design to choose from.

Product Notes

Regular and deluxe are panels that are lightweight and washable. Nylon rollers provide smooth and quiet open-close operation. Magnets on the jamb are standard. French type panels are printed in various wood designs. Heavy Duty dual-wheeled rollers carry the door panels and allow trouble-free use.